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Please fill out the form on this page, or share with us the following important information:

  • Number of rooms
  • Size in m2
  • From what date is it free? If it's a limited rental period, when is it free until?
  • Furnished or unfurnished?
  • Are there washing facilities?
  • Are there cooking facilities?
  • Location of the room/apartment (place, district)
  • Net rent amount
  • Cost of utilities
  • Deposit amount

We also need your contact information (name, telephone number and/or e-mail address). Links to other websites will not be published. We keep the right to shorten or adapt texts if need be. It is possible to extend the time, in which your ad is posted. The posting of your ad is provided free of charge. The students can get a hold of your contact information at our service-locations only when they provide a valid student-id. Please let us know, which is your preferred contact method (telephone, e-mail or both). Also, If your ad is still online but the room has been rented, please let us know as soon as possible. Thank you!

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