Application for halls

Applying for Heidelberg student union halls

Why should I even apply for a room? You should apply for the following reason: the infrastructure for students in Germany (like halls of residence) is not usually managed by the university of higher education institute, as this is what student unions do. This means you need to actively apply for a place in halls or look for private accommodation.


Please ask at the university or higher education institute whether you can organise to reserve a room in halls. Please do this if you are making preparations for your degree in Germany from home! Depending on your degree, it may be possible to get a room through the university of higher education institute. If you do not find a room through the university or higher education institute, then you will have to look for accommodation in Germany yourself!


One option during your house hunt is to apply to one of the Heidelberg student union halls. We have halls in Heidelberg, Heilbronn, Bad Mergentheim and Mannheim.

Here are some directions for a successful application:

  1. Please click on the link to the online application for the first pieces of information. After that, you can send off an online application to the Heidelberg student union.
  2. LANGUAGE SELECTION: You can select your language in the menu in the top right. You can choose between German, English, French and Spanish.
  3. GENERAL TIP: click on the green info boxes for more details
  4. TIP FOR HEIDELBERG: if you are a single person, please click on ANY option APART from 'family apartment' in the 'preferred accommodation' box, so that you have the best chances of securing a room. Unfortunately, there aren't enough single apartments for all students. But even if you do live in a flat share, it's not the end of the world: you don't share your room with anyone else, and only have to share the bathroom and kitchen with your flat share neighbours.
  5. TIP FOR SELECTING ACCOMMODATION: if you study natural sciences, you should preferably select rooms with the letters 'INF'. This is because 'INF' stands for the natural sciences campus in the north of Heidelberg (im Neuenheimer Feld). You can find more information about our halls here.
  6. 'MAX. AMOUNT OF RENT' TIP: rents in our halls are between €170.00 and €400.00. This depends on where the halls are, how large the room is etc. Due to the large number of options available, rents can vary in each halls of residence. With this in mind, please enter a number between 170 and 400.
  7. TIP FOR 'UPLOAD DOCUMENTS': you need a certificate saying you will be a student to be able to live in one of our halls. This could be your 'admission certificate' or your 'certificate of enrolment'. PLEASE NOTE: you can still apply for a room in a hall of residence if you have applied for a degree but have not yet received the 'admission certificate' or 'certificate of enrolment'. If this is the case, please indicate in the 'hints' box that you will send the documents through as soon as you have them.
  8. GOLDEN RULE FOR HEIDELBERG: our halls are almost always full, so we recommend writing in the 'HINTS' box that you would prefer any accomodation. Heidelberg's public transport is excellent, and the city is also safe and not very big (140,000 inhabitants). This means that even if you live a bit far out of the city, you can still get to university quickly. And because our halls are almost always full, any room offer is good.
  9. DO NOT FORGET CONFIRMATION: if you receive a message once you have submitted your online application that requires you to confirm, please do this. Otherwise your application will not be processed.
  10. Please send any other questions to: wohnen[at]stw.uni-heidelberg[dot]de 

TIP FOR HEIDELBERG: you can find private halls here which are not run by the Heidelberg student union. Please contact private halls directly if you are applying to them.

TIP FOR HEIDELBERG: we've made a special 'directions' section if you are planning on looking for a room or apartment on the private market in Heidelberg.
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