The following information could help you navigate your way through all the legal formalities, so misunderstandings that could lead to the application process being extended can be avoided early.

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  • Ministry for Education and Research hotline (no fees): 0800 2236341 Mo - Fr 8:00 - 20:00
  • Heidelberg student union hotline: 06221 54-5404 Mo & Wed: 9:00 - 16:00
  • New: BAföG Digital


  • The first university degree is usually eligible for funding
  • A masters course of study is usually only eligible for funding if you have successfully completed a bachelor's course of study
  • The amount of funding depends on your parents' income as well as possibly your own income and assets
  • Maximum amount of funding: €861 monthly
  • Additional income limit: yearly average €450 monthly
  • Funding irrespective of parental income also possible
  • Maximum period of funding is equivalent to the regular study period of your subject - extensions possible in individual cases
  • A performance record must be provided at the beginning of the fifth semester (once)
  • Stays abroad (study or internship) can be funded on application


  • Further info at the Federal Administration Office (responsible for repayments)
  • BAföG payments are usually allocated half as a grant and half as an interest-free loan
  • The amount owed is limited to a maximum of €10,010, so that the students have to repay a maximum of 77 installments (valid from the start of studies/financing winter term 2019/2020)
  • Repayment at the earliest five years after the end of your maximum BAföG funding period
  • Repayment period up to 20 years
  • Installments: at least €130 monthly (quarterly - €390)
  • Waivers of part of the loan, or exemptions for low-income workers, can be made on application


We have put together all this information to the best of our knowledge, but can accept no responsibility for its accuracy. We look forward to receiving tips via email on things we can improve or correct: bafoeg[at]stw.uni-heidelberg[dot]de

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