Welcome to the tenant-portal

You need an individual access information, in order to use this portal. This information has been sent to the tenants in written form.

The following options are available:

  • submit the renewal of your lease with us
  • submission of your enrollment certificate
  • change of your personal information (e.g. bank details, your telephone number, your e-mail address, etc.)


To enter the tenant-portal, please confirm the following terms and conditions.


Important information and conditions for the use of the tenant-portal


The tenant-portal gives you the possibility to change your personal information, to send requests for extension of contracts or upload your certificate of matriculation, as well as have direct communication with your person of contact at Studierendenwerk Heidelberg.

To log in, an e-mail address and a password are required. You will receive the credentials per post or e-mail.

It is in your own interest to keep all of the information in the portal as up to date as possible. Please make any new/necessary changes or updates as soon as possible.


For security reasons, it is important to keep any credentials for the portal a secret, and it is prohibited to give them to third parties. You are liable to immediately inform Studierendenwerk Heidelberg in case a third party gains or has gained access to your credentials. Studierendenwerk Heidelberg will not give out your password to third parties and will not ask you for it at any time and point, except at the log-in form of the portal itself.

It is strictly forbidden:

  • to post illegal or immoral information,
  • to upload files, that are infected with viruses, trojans or other malicious software,
  • to undertake technical manipulations, which may lead to hindering the portal's accessibility,
  • to post information or content, that hurt other's rights,
  • to post information (including links to other websites), that are unrelated to the portal


In case the conditions stated in section 2 are broken, Studierendenwerk Heidelberg can limit or completely block access to the portal (for a limited time or forever) for the affected person, after a hearing has been done. Studierendenwerk Heidelberg will consider the interests of the affected person, when the choice of further actions is made, especially the type and reach of the misconduct and possible negligence.


Please take note, that the use of the tenant-portal represents a service of Studierendenwerk Heidelberg, that is provided free of charge. This means that there is no entitlement to the use of the portal. Due to the technical specificities, the non-interrupted availability and accessibility of the portal cannot be guaranteed. The Studierendenwerk Heidelberg keeps the right to change the look of the portal and the way it is used without notice.

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